The prospect of two gay penguins adopting an egg and

Canada 6. More Videos Watching Skip and Ping on Tuesday, Ms. Remains of a human-sized "monster" penguin have been discovered in New Zealand, scientists announced Wednesday. Schmidt said their story made her think of the lingering obstacles some same-sex parents face in Germany.

The prospect of two gay penguins adopting an egg and

Got tips or a news story that you would like published? Gay coupling certainly isn't limited to penguins. Like Reply Retweet 8 Share Keywords. There may be one catch, though. If there are any other gay animals at the Berlin zoo, the zookeepers said they had not made themselves publicly known.

She said there was no way to know for sure until early September when the zoo will either welcome a penguin chick or not. Gay Penguin Couple, Egg, Berlin.

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Peloton mocked for holiday ad. Their family inspired an award-winning children's book. Like Reply Retweet 7 Share Keywords. Like Reply Retweet 9 Share Keywords. Like Reply Retweet 69 Share Keywords. Gay Nation Iconic Mug.

  • They scrounged around for objects like a wet rock and a slimy fish they could nurture in the hopes that it would one day hatch into a child, according to zookeepers. The zoo knew they were a couple when they arrived from Hamburg this year, and it became clear within weeks that they wanted to start a family, he said.
  • Gay penguins Skipper and Ping have been given the chance to be parents after taking in an abandoned egg at the Berlin Zoo.
  • These are external links and will open in a new window. Two male penguins at Berlin Zoo have been caring for an abandoned egg since July in their long quest to become parents.
  • Водопада была уже в тени, но лучи солнца, струясь между гор, все еще освещали землю внизу, сообщая пейзажу чарующее очарование. Ибо у подножия водопада трепетала в недолговечной прелести.

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Go here to tell us something. Forgot your password? Staffers aren't sure whether the egg is fertilized, and incubation typically takes about 55 days, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. They were:.

The prospect of two gay penguins adopting an egg and

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